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The Shocking Naked Truth

A VERY INTERESTING READ…..MAKES ONE REALLY THINK DEEPLY ABOUT GREEN ENERGY By Bruce Haedrich When I saw the title of this lecture, especially with the picture of the scantily clad model, I couldn’t resist attending. The packed auditorium was abuzz … Continue reading

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1937 Alvis Speed 25

In the golden days of pre-war motorsport, when the scent of high-octane fuel lingered like a promise in the air, Richard Rowlands’ 1937 Alvis Speed 25 was a monarch of the racetrack. Its sleek lines and roaring engine had once … Continue reading

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The “strap on” supercharger progress.. In the quiet recesses of a dimly lit workshop, where the scent of grease hungs thick in the air, a determined enthusiast embarks on a mechanical odyssey – the daunting task of modifying an aero-engined … Continue reading

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